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College Cost Secrets Calculator

There is the price of college and then there is the cost.  Everyone finances college.  You will either pay interest on loans or you will give up interest you could have earned by paying cash for college.  So the biggest expense of paying for college is not the price, it’s the cost.  Or in other words, the opportunity cost.  Use our calculator to calculate the cost of college.

Live Workshops

Live Workshops

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Schools and scholarships

School Lists And Their Scholarships

Do you have an exceptionally gifted student? 

Could they qualify for scholarships?   

Less than 1% of the scholarships come from private scholarships. 

Most of the scholarship money comes from the schools. 

Do you know how much each school offers on average? 

There is no guarantee that your student will get scholarship money but it is nice to know how much each school offers on average.