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What makes Legetty Unique?

1. Maximize The Free Money From The Schools

The majority of the free money comes from the schools in the form of merit based scholarships and financial aid. We can help you increase your scholarships and financial aid by choosing the schools that offer the most free money based on your specific situation.

2. Reduce Your College Loans

If you could reduce your college loans, isn't that the same as reducing the cost of college? The cost of college is like buying a new car every year. How you "finance" college could save you more money than scholarships or financial aid.

3. Getting a College Funding Refund

The biggest savings of all is getting the entire cost of college back to use during retirement! How do you get a college funding refund? You need to save your money at a higher interest rate than it costs you to borrow the money. Plus, you need optional loan payments. The "positive spread" on the interest you earn vs the interest that you accrue on the loans creates a full refund over time!

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How to Reduce the cost of College

How To Maximize The Free Money

When you see the sticker price of college these days, it takes “sticker shock” to a whole new level.

It’s amazing how expensive it is these days.

Which means that the first thought we all have is…

How do I reduce the out-of-pocket cost of college?

Most families think that the solution is searching the web for private scholarships.

However, you will soon discover that it’s like finding a needle in a haystack and everyone is applying to the same scholarships.

Plus, if you do get a scholarship it is typically only for one year and the school reduces the amount they were going to offer by the amount of the scholarship.

So where does all the free money come from?

The schools!

In the form of merit based scholarships and financial aid.

If you would like help with strategies on how to do this, reach out to us for a free consultation.

Also, if you make too much money to qualify for financial aid and your student isn’t going to qualify for scholarships, don’t feel bad.

Luckily this is the smallest savings opportunity.

The biggest savings comes from Secrets 2, 3, and the bonus savings!

How To Reduce The College Loans

Most of you have heard of financial aid to reduce the cost of college but have you heard of financial aid after college graduation?

The government provides tuition discounts to those who qualify which is why some families pay $10k a year and other families pay $80k a year to the same school.

What you may not know is that the government also subsidizes education by offering discounts on your loans as well.

That’s why some families will pay back all of their loans and other families will pay back less than half.

You may not think this is fair but it’s all part of the financial aid program.

The biggest difference between financial aid before college and after college is that the loan discounts are only based on one parent.

So if one parent makes most of the money and another parent makes less or no money at all, you could get a huge discount on your loans even if you didn’t qualify for financial aid in the beginning.

This could be one of the biggies college funding savings!

How To Get A College Funding Refund

This is what I call “The Billionaire College Funding Strategy”.

If a Billionaire wants to buy a beach house somewhere, do you think he/she would sell their investments to pay for the house or take out a loan?

They would take out a loan right?

If you can borrow money to pay for college for less than what you are earning on your money, it may make more sense to borrow.

Imagine if you could hang onto your money and let it compound interest for the rest of your life!

Now the unthinkable, imagine if you could use your money as collateral to secure a loan at a lower interest rate than you are earning on your money without a loan payment!!!

This is how you pay for any school in the country no matter what the price and get ALL of your money back during retirement.

Bonus Savings
Additional Financial Strategies

How you pay for college could be one of the biggest financial mistakes you make in life.

What other financial mistakes could you be making unknowingly and unnecessarily?

Are there strategies to increase your retirement?

Are there strategies that could reduce your taxes?

Are there strategies that could help you pay off your house faster without a 10 or 15 year mortgage?

Are there strategies to help you get out of debt?

These are just some of the strategies that could help you make up for the cost of college and keep you on track for your retirement.


Watch this testimonial video to hear what some of our clients are saying about these strategies…

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