Secret 3: How To Get A Full College Funding Refund Using The Retirement Scholarship Strategy

Step 1:  Watch the Full-Length video below or we have also broken it up into sections down below.

Step 2:  Share these strategies with a significant other, friend, or family member.

Step 3:  Book a free call to run your numbers and see how these strategies apply to your situation.

Full-Length Video

Section 2: The Problem With The Current Strategies

Section 3: Introducing A New Way To Save and Pay For College

Section 4: Creating A Maximum Efficient Contract

Section 5: How To Earn A 6-8 Percent Return Without Stock Market Losses

Section 6: How This Strategy Works For High School Students And High Interest College Loans

Section 7: The Right Way Vs. The Wrong Way For This Strategy To Work Correctly

Section 10: High School Student More Expensive Costs Case Study

Section 11: Multiple High School Students And Retirement Income Case Study

Section 12: Huge Case Study With Existing College Savings

Section 13: Small Case Study With Low Monthly Payments Over A Longer Period Of Time

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