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Lance Morgan

As a father of 5 kids, it might be obvious why I’m so passionate about learning how to help my kids pay for college without sacrificing my retirement.  🙂

I started Legetty and College Funding Secrets to help families leave a legacy through education and financial literacy.

I have been in the financial industry for over 16 years helping families learn strategies that can help them pay for college, increase retirement, reduce their taxes, and more.

I started my career as a traditional financial planner.  I helped companies set up 401k’s, sold mutual funds and actively managed accounts, taught families to use 529 plans for college, and was a fiduciary so that I could offer fee based financial planning.

The company I started with was limited on the products they offered and I wanted to have access to better products that offered higher returns.  So, I took a leap of faith and walked away from all my clients and a six figure residual income to start my own company.  Unfortunately the timing wasn’t the greatest because it was in the middle of the recession and things didn’t take off as quickly as I had hoped.  

I drained my savings, retirement, and kids college funds to pay rent and keep my employees. Unfortunately I ended up losing everything and found myself hitting rock bottom financially. 

Shortly after this, I met my mentor Don Blanton who is the founder of Moneytrax and the creator of the Circle of Wealth program.

His focus was on teaching financial strategies instead of selling products.  I learned that money is like a game.  If you know the rules, you can win every time.

I learned that most of us are making financial mistakes unknowingly and unnecessarily.

I spent 12 months going through Don’s program and became one of his certified master mentors which basically means I passed his program and certified to teach these strategies to others.

My business changed completely when I started focusing on teaching financial strategies and how money works instead of selling products.

We now teach unique college funding strategies, retirement strategies, tax strategies, mortgage strategies, debt strategies and more.  Our primary focus in on how to reduce the cost of college and how to pay for it in a way that gives you all your money back during retirement.

We also teach families how to restore their retirement after helping their kids pay for college.

College Funding Specialist

Dan McArdle

Dan is a a graduate from the University of Nebraska where he studied Marketing and Finance and was also a part of the Husker football team. He spent 20 years in the healthcare software arena where he sold solutions that would improve the cost per case and helped large health systems saves lives. After meeting Lance Morgan 10 years ago it changed his life because he learned how money works and knew this was now his calling in life… Help others in a way that can save their life in a different way “With their Money and Retirement”.He is a proud father of 3, a son that is now an ICU nurse, a daughter that is a Social worker and now in the Masters Program at the University of Utah and a Son that is a Senior in high school and planning where he is going to go to college and what he wants to be when he grows up. It is now his goal to educate and share the information he has learned with others so they can help their children go to the school of their dreams and not sacrifice their retirement. 

College Funding Specialist

April Ritchotte

My background is in healthcare and nutrition – so what the heck am I doing working in college funding? Like many people, we have 3 kids and work hard but found ourselves unprepared to pay for college due to the insanely high cost. When I met Lance, the owner of College Funding Education, I not only found this strategy to be the perfect fit for us as a way to pay for college and get the money back in retirement, but also learned incredible lessons that are helping us build a retirement plan AND pay for college.

We are not taught financial education in school, and most of us do not gain that education at home either. Whether you have money saved or you feel like it is very late in the game, the strategies we use to help people fund college are invaluable. Because of the support I felt going through this overwhelming process and Lance’s vast knowledge I was able to tap into it made me sure I wanted to be a part of his team!

College Funding Specialist

Jerry Thomas

As a father of 9 children, my wife and I have always had education as one of our top priorities. We wanted to give them the best opportunities to be successful in life by getting the education they needed to achieve their goals. Our youngest daughter was hesitant about applying for the Sterling Scholar program in high school. My wife and I encouraged her to apply and she ended up winning, which looked great on her college application! We made many mistakes along the way, but we learned from them and I gained a unique perspective. I believe my experience has helped me to understand what the parents I talk to are going through, as they navigate their own college process.

I enjoy fishing and camping with our children and grandkids. I love to golf when I get the chance. We love to smoke various meats on the Traeger and get together as often as we can. I met Lance Morgan back in 2014 and have been working with him as a College Funding Specialist ever since. I have learned so many incredible strategies from the education I have received through him and the company. I wish I had known about these strategies when I was sending my own children through school. Our youngest 3 children are in college at this time. I am so grateful I have been able to help them by using our program. It has been a total gamechanger.

I love what I do and am passionate about helping families obtain their education goals!

College Funding Specialist and Certified Student Loan Planner (CSLP)

Lisa Gosweiler

My name is Lisa Gosweiler and I am excited to be part of the team of College Funding Specialists working closely with clients in all their college planning, loan and financial needs. I began this journey back in 2015 when my husband Jamie and I found Lance through a social media post and enlisted his help in a college funding plan for our son. We were so pleased with the results we came back to Lance for our daughter’s college needs in 2018 and I began working with Lance’s team shortly after. Since then my interest in student loan planning, both pre and post college, led me to become a Certified Student Loan Planner (CSLP) and to assist clients in navigating the complicated federal and private student loan industries. After 22 years as a pediatric physical therapist and helping my own children navigate the college planning, loan and funding maze, I discovered how much I enjoyed serving others in this space. I am passionate, maybe even a little nerdy, about all things student loan and college financial planning and helping families create financial legacies and find their path to financial freedom.


Cori Murphy

Cori has the unique ability to break down complex college planning and financial matters and translate both to parents and students in an easy to understand manner.

When Cori started My College Authority, Inc. over 15 years ago, her children had yet to start elementary school. Now with her youngest just starting college, she knows exactly how overwhelming and stressful it all can be for parents. Her knowledge and expertise provide the calm within the storm.

Cori has worked in financial services since 2000, and is associated with a nationwide network of college planners who for years have used proven strategies to help students find and select colleges that fit, maximize financial aid and scholarships, and financially plan with parents to make college affordable.

As a Manager for the College Funding Service Center, Cori and her team oversee college planning operations and success for college planners and families across the country.

Cori is the developer of SCHOLARS, a web-based platform bringing professional-level college consulting to families who otherwise might not be able to afford it. And is a contributor to The Retirement Scholarship Strategy, authored by Lance Morgan.

Cori holds the Certified College Adviser designation and is a member of the National College Advocacy Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students, families, and other adviso,rs on the issues surrounding college admissions and financial aid.

Cori Murphy
College Planner 

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