4 College Funding Secrets

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Secret 1

How To Maximize The Free Money

When you see the sticker price of college these days, it takes “sticker shock” to a whole new level.
It’s amazing how expensive it is these days.
Which means that the first thought we all have is…
How do I reduce the out-of-pocket cost of college?
Most families think that the solution is searching the web for private scholarships.

Secret 2

How To Reduce The College Loans

So much focus is on finding scholarships and reducing the sticker price of college.  However, what about after the kids graduate?  There is still a lot you can do to reduce the cost of college by reducing the college loans.  If you could cut the college loans in half, it’s the same as cutting the cost of college in half.  There are several ways to reduce the college loans.

Secret 3

How To Get a College Funding Refund

The problem with using 529 accounts, savings, whole life insurance, or your retirement to pay for college, is that you interrupt the compounding interest.  That is the single biggest expense when paying for college… the opportunity cost.  What if you could borrow money for less than what you could earn on your savings?  How you pay for college is 10x more important than how much you pay.

Secret 4

The Retirement Restoration

First of all, I respect every parent that makes the sacrifices to help their kids pay for college.  It can make a big impact of the successful future of your kids but it can also do a lot of damage on your retirement.  That is why you need to learn all of the Retirement Restoration Strategies to increase your retirement, minimize taxes, eliminate debt, and so much more.